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Blowing Up

Posted by rHornbek on September 29, 2009

Greetings everyone, I thought I would try and start this blog off with a bit of a bang!

The fuse has been lit, but the real fun wont start till later this week when I attend the international festival of independent games, better known as IndieCade.  You can find more information  about the festival at

I first found out about the festival while attending E3 2009 at a small cluster of tables where independent game developers were showing off their work.  My greatest disappointment however was that none of the developers were actually there to support their work, so all I saw was a bunch of unattended monitors and developer kits.  I am sure the festival itself will be far more populated and I should have the opportunity to talk shop with all sorts of gamer folk.

With a pad of paper and a writing apparatus at the ready I plan to document this adventure and report on the findings.  The convention spans over a four day period so I will do my best to report my findings day to day, if I find that more than one day at the festival is necessary.

I am hoping this event will blow me away and not end up being a dud.


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