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Posted by rHornbek on November 5, 2009

Thought I would jump on again and see what I could find.  While I am not a huge fan of Pac-Man, I found this little spin off to be really fun.


PacXon quickly tries to collect blue squares!

The objective in PacXon is simple, turn at least 80% of the stage into blue blocks.  You do this by moving through the dark areas turning them into blue blocks.  Any dark blocks fully surrounded by blue blocks will instantly become blue, encouraging you to get greedy and try and grab more at a time.  If you happen to surround a ghost the interior blocks will not change color, but at least it keeps a ghost under some control.

The ghosts themselves have different movement patterns, some can only move in the dark space where other can only move in the blue.  The large red ghosts will actually turn your hard earned blue blocks back into dark ones, so it is a constant race for time.  There are a few power-ups that appear that will increase your speed or reduce the ghost’s speed and they seem to help allot!  If a ghost connects with your trail of blue squares they will turn red and kill you.  You can avoid this by moving back into the blue blocks you have already captured.


Getting owned by the ghost.

All in all PacXon is a fun little game that delivers.  It doesn’t last all that long but I feel it is a good example of how simple can be effective.  I would love to see the game re-skinned with unique characters and a little better music would be nice.  Check it out.


One Response to “PacXon”

  1. Troy said

    When I read the name, I thought it would be a combination of Pac Man and Zaxxon. But instead, it’s a combination of Pac Man and Qix.

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