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Kernips: Budding

Posted by rHornbek on April 15, 2010

So we just started our third week of development on Kernips and the game has come a long way.  We have the 8 x 8 Garden, we have 6 different colored Kernips with a full life-cycle, you can water them to help them grow or prevent them from getting dry, the bench now produces random items including seeds, water and fire, fire will burn and spread and you even earn points for plucking groups of Kernips.

Splash Screen

Above you can see we added a splash screen to test the game using different variables which is a huge help.  With this we were able to determine which phases needed to speed up or slow down.

In Game

In the image above you can see many of the features I have already mentioned, even the glove we created for the cursor.  The row of items at the top are not going to be there, but it gives anyone testing the game a chance to use any item at any time.  The row of items at the bottom (the Bench) can be used in the Garden and a new item will replace it.

I am really excited and proud of how far Kernips has come!  However, like any growing game it has much work ahead of it.  Some of the changes and improvements we plan on making for the next set of builds are…

  • Earning points for burning dead Kernips.
  • Implementing Water, Fire and Seed Storm items.
  • Updating the item system so there are limited items that can only be replenished by the user’s actions.
  • Adding sounds placeholder effects and music!

I look forward to the updates and putting the game in front of additional testers.


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