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Kernips: pre-Beta

Posted by rHornbek on May 1, 2010

If you haven’t already heard Kernips is nearing beta, which is extremely exciting for me!  In the next week or so we will be putting the final touches on the core gameplay so that while testing we should only have to make minor variable changes.

Some of the things changed in the latest build can be seen in the image below…

I cannot wait for updated art!

Updated in this version of Kernips includes…

  • New Item icons in the bench.
  • Implemented Water and Fire Storm Items (not seen here).
  • Implementation of the Hopper system (right side of the image).
  • The user now earns additional items when they pluck 4 or more Kernips.
  • Skewed the placement of Plots in the Garden so it is clear which Kernips are connected.

And while these changes are grand there are a few key elements we are trying to work out.  For our next build we need to do the following things…

  • Remove random Seed drops in the garden.
  • Make all Dead Kernips permanent.
  • Implement Seed Storm Item (to make up for removing random Seed drops).
  • Implement Item Drop Modifiers (IDM) to control what appears in the Bench.

Once these features have been added we will test them internally.  If these changes solidify the gameplay and don’t cause additional challenged we will be good to go into beta.


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