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Cursed Treasure

Posted by rHornbek on May 20, 2010

While looking for interesting tower defense games I came across a website dedicated to the genre itself.  On the home page of (with a “C”), I was immediately drawn to a game called Cursed Treasure.  In this game you are charged with protecting 5 cursed treasures that lay together in a cave.

A pretty standard tower defense setting, however notice the different terrain elements...

I was excited to learn that when an enemy reaches the cursed treasures they will attempt to run back with it.  This is exactly the mechanic I wanted to analyse among others.  In addition, if you managed to kill that enemy he would drop the gem and others would try and pick it up.

You might also notice the different terrain; Grass, Snow and Stone.  There are three tower types and each can only be placed on its respective terrain tile.  Orce Dens go on Grass, Undead Crypts go on Snow and Demon Temples go on Stone.  At first I was not so sure about this mechanic, but it really grew on me and it made the game far more interesting and strategic.

Each tower as it deals damage will gains experience and eventually level up.  With each level you can upgrade the tower to have greater stats of even change how it functions.  Each of the three basic tower types has two paths that it can take at level 4 creating a whole other level of strategy

In this image you can see the large boss character called a Champion!

In addition to earning money for kills you will generate mana that can be used to case any of three spells.  Cut Trees allows you to do just that, clear a forest allowing you to place a tower in that tile.  Meteors drops a shower of fire and stone onto enemies dealing great damage.  And lastly Frenzy which increases the attack speed of all your towers for a short time.

All these tools are equally exciting to manage through the game’s 15 stages with dozens of waves and enemy times.

Each section of the skill tree is based on one of the three tower types.

As you complete stages you generate experience points and eventually level up.  Each time you level you earn 3 skill points that can be spent in a skill tree.  At first I was a little unsure, but there was quite a variety of skill to choose from that really allows you to change the way the game is played!  One of my favorite skills returned any dropped cursed treasures to the cave after a short time.

My aim is to continue playing tower defense games and learn about the trends and failures.  So far Cursed Treasure has impressed me greatly and taught me a lot about where my concept is headed.  I highly recommend this game and if anyone has any tower defense games they would like to recommend to me please do so!


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