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Kernips: Going Beta!

Posted by rHornbek on June 3, 2010

Starting (June 2nd) many of our friends and family will begin to play Kernips for the first time in our first ever Kernips Beta!  Each of our 15 or so tester got an email from me containing a game guide and the game itself.  I am hoping by the time we are done the game will be self explanatory enough that I will only have to send out the game.

This will be a great opportunity for our team to hear what others think about the game and hopefully the feedback will help make Kernips a lot better.

Latest Look of Kernips!

Some of the major changes we made for this version is art.  This includes new images for each of the Kernips, their full life cycle, bench items, fire and water effect.

For the most part gameplay is right on target.  Based on the feedback we get from our testers we will make minor changes, but we cannot see any major changes occurring to the game at this time.  We did however change how points were earned.  Before I could earn as much as 100 million points in a few moves, which is utterly too much.  We simplified the amount of points you earn so that the numbers are not as ridiculous while still maintaining motivation to pluck more at a time.

This is regrettably a short short post, but I hope that the following will be much greater.  At that time I should have a lot of solid feedback that I can share here as a precursor to Kernips’ future!


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