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Kernips: Growing

Posted by rHornbek on June 23, 2010

Kernips' art progression... will you be a part of the next step?


If you are interested in working on the Kernips project you are in luck!  We are currently looking for individuals who can collaborate in the following roles…


We are currently seeking an additional artist who can help catch many of the art tasks up with the rest of the team.  The individual with the following traits would be most valuable…

  • Experience Animating
  • Knowledge of Color Theory
  • Familiarity with Adobe Flash would be a great benefit, but not a must.

The individual’s responsibilities would include collaborating with the other artist to add additional art assets and update much of the art that currently exists in the game.


We are currently seeing an additional programmer to help improve some of the existing code and help with the work load when we begin adding necessary features for the FaceBook application.  An individual with the following traits would be most valuable…

  • Experience with any scripting language, preferably Action Script, Java or C++.

All Roles

In either case, individuals are desired to have the following traits…

  • Willingness to work on and complete an unpaid project.
  • Willingness to learn what ever may be necessary to complete your tasks.
  • Consistent communication skills.
  • Familiarity or passion for casual games.
  • Eagerness to make the project their own and have fun doing it!

If you are interested in participating in the development of Kernips, please contact me asap!


2 Responses to “Kernips: Growing”

  1. Aaron said

    Hi there; this looks like something relatively simple and small scale that I might be interested in. Namely the artists position. If you could give me a task to complete to demonstrate my capabilities I would be most obliged; for example if you can further explain to me the concept of Kernips and the “three stages” from an artistic standpoint. I notice you refer to Katamari is a quirky japanese art style something you are interested in. if you give me some rough guidelines. (perhaps one set of stages for one particular kernip) I could produce something using illustrator; hand drawn illustration and flash and then show it to you so that you might ascertain if i am acceptable for the position.



    • rHornbek said

      Hello Aaron,

      I regret to say we just added another artist over the weekend. So we do not currently need additional art assistance.

      However! We are pleased that you got into contact with us and would like to keep you in mind for our next project.

      Do you have an online portfolio or any other way we could see what you have done?


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