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Kernips: Team Bios

Posted by rHornbek on September 15, 2010

This post in a long time coming and I am glad to finally introduce to you the team working on Kernips!

Robert Hornbek (Me) Game Designer & Project Manager

If you don’t already know me and/or would like to know more about me just visit my ABOUT page here at my blog.

Steve Hornbek (Brother Steve) Artist

“If I could put my mind on paper I would need a lot more napkins to soak up all the blood from my oozing skull. Thinking literally never got me far in creativity. However, I am an artist! We’re different… right?

Succumbed to daily labor, whether it be a screaming face or my own half brained schemes to act as God and create a world best to my liking on paper, I toll each day praying that my hand will be that much better day by day. Each project is a long process full of disappointment and fleeting success. Its like i am searching for the perfect picture, the holy grail of art that I can look at on a wall and feel at peace with the world only to be welcomed by my next failure. Art was never a means of creating the finished product, it is my journey from one failure to the next. Every fingernails worth of led on paper i look at from my own hands is a mark of dissatisfaction in my eyes because it is not what I am truly searching for. This does not stop me though, it is my driving force.

This project is my next legacy in hopes to better my skill and further push myself to the next level of visual satisfaction. What is one days success will soon become foresights mistake. When I am done with this project, perhaps I might have gotten closer to my goal of achieving perfect craftsmanship of paper and pencil. This is my duty, this is my pencil and it wont fall till my skull is restitched and my mind can be shut of its creative juices to rest.” – Brother Steve

R. Steve Warren (2teve) Programmer

“My love for gaming began at a young age when my elder brother introduced me to both videogames and pencil/paper RPGs. My first hand experience with fencing (sword fighting) and study of magick and religions lead me to belive, as a GM/DM, that there could be a better fighting system established for RPGs. After this I began creating my own system for everything that seemed lacking and it eventually bloomed into its own world and set of rules. I hope that one day they could all be implemented into a videogame. As an extension of my anal-retentive nature that became apparent in creating the framework for RPGs, I spent several years learning computer programming. Kernips has thus far been an interesting challenge as this is my first time using ActionScript. In the interest of avoiding a shortened life that tends to befall programmers, I have spent the last 4 years in school learning Traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture and Herbology).” – 2teve

Stephen Reider (DJ Steve) Composer

“I grew up in California and am now attending law school in Washington. I started writing music in high school as a hobby, and over time it developed into a passion of mine. Although I’m going to law school, I’m also constantly pursuing a career in music. I’m always looking for a good excuse to sit down and write music. Kernips is a great project to be a part of, and I’m looking forward to working with the team in the future as well.” – DJ Steve

Rishon Wagner (Rio) Artist

“I recently graduated from San Jose Sate University with a BFA in animation. I has a very strong background in drawing fundamentals, but I spend most of my time drawing cartoons. I love to create concepts and ideas. Kernips represents a new and interesting challenge for me, designing for games. I enjoy working as part of a team and I am very excited about working on Kernips. My favorite part of the process is when a finished product has been achieved. It is a great feeling to see everyone’s hard work come together.” – Rio

Sonja Just (SQRL) Advertising

“Since I was a little girl I have always gravitated toward the cute, morbid, collecting, goal setting and entertaining video games. I have always been a creative person since as long as I can remember and if I can be a part of a project that entertains people, I’m there! I have a BA in Cinema/Television Arts from California State University Northridge. By profession I am a video editor and I spend much of my time working on web based programming. Kernips is my first experience working on a game and I plan on making it as popular as I can through advertising via video and social media.” – SQRL


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