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Posted by rHornbek on November 29, 2010

Earlier this year I was challenged to make a World of WarCraft dungeon (instance) for users level 10 – 15.  Other specifications included the use of only 3 character model (mobs, monster etc) types for the entire instance to keep production costs low.  In addition, there had to be at least 1 boss battle and I recall 3 or so chain quests that guide the user through the entire experience.

The result of this challenge was War ‘ House 19, a goblin themed instance off the coast, East of Razor Hill, in Durotar.  Much of the instance’s theme is based off of a television series on SyFy called WareHouse 13.  The plot of the TV show revolves greatly around unique relics and trinkets, which is fitting to the goblin culture, in addition to Blizzards use of pop-culture in most of the game.

Map of Durotar, including the location of War ' House 19

You can view details on this challenge here —> Instance Design by R. Hornbek

This was a fascinating project, and in the end taught me a lot about what it takes to simply conceptualize a single instance and how much talent it takes to ultimately create one.  Artists to create the environment, coders to script much of the events, writers to create engaging dialog, and a ton of testing!


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