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Kernips: Almost Mature

Posted by rHornbek on December 7, 2010

It has been far too long since I last reported on the development status of Kernips!  So here are some updates…

We did not raise the total money amount we were hoping during our fund raiser ‘sigh’, but we want to thank everyone who pledged what they could during that time! That of course is the bad news, the good news however is that Kernips will be complete and available to play for the new year!  No, not 2012 after the world ends, but rather January of 2011.  The fact of the matter is, the game will not be available for the iPhone as we were hoping it would be had we raised the necessary amount of money.

Our new art-style is coming along swimmingly!  As you may remember we announced the new art-style with the release of the official Kernips logo, as seen below…

Official Kernips Logo created by Rishon Wagner

But this was just the beginning for the updated art-style.  Rishon has been a busy bee creating new art assets for each of the Kernips, their stages of life and reactions to the elements.



Updated Mature Kernips

The Kernips’ sizes differ in this image, but they are ultimately all the same size when they are mature.


Orange Sprout, Green Bud, Yellow Burning (without Fire) and a Dead Kernip 'cries'

Not all of the new art assets are here, we want to leave some surprises of course!  But I also wanted to introduce the new Fissles…


Fissle Sprout, Bud and Mature states

Soon these nasty guys will be filling your garden causing all sorts of havoc for you and your Kernips.  Make sure to torch these little guys before they get out of hand!

There are a few other goodies such as game modes and stats that you will all just have to wait and see!


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