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I have created this blog as a platform to showcase my capability and development as a game designer.  Here you will find articles covering information and tools that I have found valuable and in some cases inspirational.  In addition to all of this, I will post treatments for my own game designs and chronicle their development over time.  So stay tuned!


I am a 28 year old male raised and currently living in Oak Park California with a massive passion for entertaining others.  Early in my life I would tell jokes and stories to get a rouse out of people.  With the development of opposable thumbs, began shooting my own short films including a spin-off about Star Wars pod racing using miniatures constructed with Legos.  In high school I won an award for Best Comedy Short Film at the Pepperdine University Film Festival and yet another film in college that generated high regards in my graduating class. While I have not made a short film since then I continue to entertain with my cooking and my greatest passion, game design.

My experience in the games industry includes; various quality assurance jobs, creative consulting, customer service, community management, feature development, management and of course game design!  I once helped an executive at Technicolor produce a presentation that eventually established a gaming department in the company that operates to this day, as well as working as a customer service representative at one of the most controversial games of 2012 .  The greatest experience I have had so far was working at Riot Game Inc, a now booming startup company that released the internationally popular League of Legends, in the fourth quarter of 2009.  There I worked my way up from marketing to design where I worked with nearly every other department to develop the necessary features and systems for the game.  At Riot I learned a ton about the development process in addition establishing friendships with some really talented people from each department.

I aim to further my career in the games industry so that I can continue to entertain and create exciting and engaging experiences for people to lose themselves in and return with stories to share with others.


If you would like to learn more or contact me please feel free to leave a comment on this page or use any of the links provided below.

Get the latest copy of my Resume on request

Connect with me on LinkedIn

You can also find me on as rHornbek

You can see the games I have played and currently play at Game Experience


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