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Welcome to my Game’s page!

Here you will find a list of projects I have developed, developed for or am in the process of developing.  On this page I have posted logos, or some indicating image, for each of the games and a short description.  More information and pages dedicated to each of these projects will be posted later!


By Uncharted Interactive. Synaps is a strategy game based on the classic Chinese strategy game Go, where users capture and secure territory on a grid using Stones to indicate ownership. Synaps follows many of the same rules as Go while expanding on others and adding completely new ones.

By Uncharted Interactive. Kernips is a puzzle game where users cultivate and grow precocious plants called Kernips. As they mature the Kernips may be plucked from the ground revealing precious gems for points. Points can then be spent to purchase additional Kernip seeds and utilities to further the development of the garden.

By Riot Games. League of Legends is a competitive multiplayer game based on the popular WarCraft III mod Defense of the Ancients (DotA). Each users chooses a unique champion to carry into battle, where they and others will compete against another team for victory. The first team to destroy the opposing base structures wins.

Note: While working at Riot Games I was fortunate to wear multiple hats experiencing nearly every facet of the game’s development process. A great portion of my time was spent as a game design intern working with other teams to develop various systems and features now found in the game. Some of my design work at Riot Games includes original Champion designs, ability icon descriptions and formatting ingame tooltips.


By Uncharted Interactive in collaboration with Moar Hat. FanCon Battle is a collectible card game based on Anime, Internet and Convention pop culture. Two or more players compete against one another using a deck of cards constructed by them containing all of their favorite characters and themes of Anime, Internet and Convention pop culture! Still more details coming soon!

By Uncharted Interactive. Hill is a strategy game founded on the concepts common to the classic king of the scenario. Users compete against one another for complete and unchallenged control of the hill. Utilitzing the unique functions of the playing peices and the ability to alter the shape of the play field, users will find near endless methods to play and win the game!


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