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If you were not already aware, early 2011 I began producing music again!  Besides having a general passion for music and how it sets the mood for everyday life, I set out on a mission to produce more of the music I like.

At the time, the electronic music genre Dubstep was becoming extremely popular, but with the popularly came droves of bad music.  Having convinced myself that I could do better I picked up the music production software Fruity Loops and started my journey to produce quality Dubstep!

Since then I have discovered that making electronic music is extremely easy… but making it exactly the way you want it to sound is incredibly hard!  None of this came as a big surprise.

Below I have a list of what I feel are my best tracks for your auditory pleasure.  If you would like to hear more, please visit my personal SoundCloud account for the rest of my jams!

Dance On (Revised)

Genre: House

Info: With this track I wanted to produce a fun uplifting experience that you could get lost in.  From a technical perspective, this is the first track where I used a heavy amount of modulation to inject more motion in the sound.


Genre: Thematic

Info: Takaz was my first attempt at creating a thematic track that could be used in a video game.  Oddly enough I have not done more thematic music, but I plan on it.

Sheldon’s (Dirty Mix)

Genre: Dubstep

Info: While not my first attempt at creating Dubstep music, Sheldon’s (Dirty Mix) is probably one of the best.  The funny thing about this track is that I was producing it as the opening score for an sketching tutorial video.  While getting some feed back I was jokingly told to “make it Dubstep” and to my surprise it sounded great!

You Are Legend (Extended Mix)

Genre: Trance

Info: Despite being one of my favorite genres I had done almost no Trance music up to this point.  In the spirit of epic Trance I gave You Are Legend (Extended Mix) and powerful name and what I feel is a sound that takes the listener on a high-speed journey across their mindscape.  But honestly… I think it could be a lot more epic!


Genre: Progressive House

Info: If it wasn’t obvious, a lot of my music has been inspired by Deadmau5 and Kascade, particularly the bass-lines.  Neuhaus is a very clear example of is repeating cords technique.  I might add that the whistling melody was really fun to use because of its human voice like qualities.


Genre: Progressive House

Info: Rizzen-S is also heavily inspired by Deadmau5 and Kascade techniques, with a little of myself injected right in.  When I was originaly producing this track I had every intention to make it happy and exiting, hence the title.  But it came out much darker and even a little sad.


Genre: Pop?

Info: One of my earliest tracks inspired by, if you can believe it, Kylie Minoge‘s music.


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